Self-Publishing Make eBooks Good or Bad for Literature?

ebook literature

To understand the relationship between eBooks and literature, we must first tie it to the impact of technology on every aspect of the modern society.

With the technological advancements and the rapid changes, this is doing to the society, everything has had to adapt including literature.

Internet has overcome the limitations of time and space in access to literature materials with people able to share and access literature from anywhere through eBooks.

Modern literature has come from the dark ages when stories were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth to written publications and now we have the internet supporting eBooks.

With the ease technology provides, anyone with access to the internet can contribute to or access literature.

With the option of self-publishing people have the freedom to write share their material with the rest of the world from the comfort of their home.

The freedom and opportunity to publish any material with such ease have been met with some resistance within the literature society raising the question.

Are eBooks good for literature or not?

Exploring the problem of eBooks from the freedom in self-publishing, eBooks are an added advantage in the preservation of literature.

When everyone has the freedom and the means to access, contribute or share beliefs, traditions and social norms through eBooks, then there is an expansion in literature.

Literature is a collection of human experiences and despite the popularity attached to the accounts in these eBooks, they contribute to the conservation of literature and improve on access which opens more people to literature.

Therefore, even with the problem of baseless and unsubstantiated materials resulting from the problems of self-publishing, eBooks are good for conservation of literature.

When writing was invested, the stories passed down by memory were recorded and preserved from that moment in their original forms.

While written accounts of literature are limited to specific location or lost whenever written material s are destroyed, eBooks once published cannot be destroyed from the cloud and can be accessed from any corner of the globe.

With the advancement in science and technology, the reading culture just like other things has migrated from the old systems and moved online with most people preferring soft copies that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime as opposed to the cumbersome hard copies.

Therefore, eBooks are the future of literature with the society depending on technology to simplify things and transferring the existing literature sources online.

In the society, literature represents all-encompassing writings that are continually being converted to eBooks even the accepted publications that have been scrutinized to substantiate the material content.

Compared to the past when literature was committed to memory and narrated over and over or preserved in written materials, eBooks are better in the preservation of literature because they are forever.

They can be accessed from anywhere across the globe which also makes them easy to access.

The internet is the best in literature because it cannot burn, get ruined from wear and tear or succumb to memory loss and personal bias during narration hence eBooks are the next direction in literature and better than the last methods of preservation and distribution.