Why storytelling is effective?

Why storytelling is

What it takes to write a good story that your readers will love?

A good writer takes his or her audience on a journey that at the end will leave them feeling inspired and motivated. A good writer knows how to invoke catharsis in his readers and keep them engaged in the whole story from beginning to the end. However, no matter how talented someone is, there are certain storytelling types that every creator needs to be aware of and can master. At the end of the day, humans need stories with passion, love, heroes and challenges to overtake and here are some techniques that make stories like that easier to write.

Monomyth storytelling – a hero’s journey

Monomyth storytelling, also known as the hero’s journey is a type of storytelling that can often be best found in folklore tales, myths and religious writing from all around the world. Stories like that include heroes that go through a difficult journey filled with challenges and every page of the story is filled with threatening and unknown places. However, in each story a hero manages to overcome the challenge and return home victorious, filled with new-found wisdom and energy. Even modern stories like Star Wars follow such storytelling methods and prove that it is a very successful choice to make. Stories like that help your audiences to feel alive.

The mountain – a story filled with drama to keep the readers at their toes

If you are looking to write a story that is filled with tension and drama, then the mountain story is something important to be aware of and master. The mountain type of writing is often compared to the monomyth type as it helps to decide when certain events happen in the story and how they affect the character’s development. However, mountain stories sometimes do not contain happy endings. First part of the story gives a nice setting but slowly the events that the main character encounters unfold and bring tension to the whole story before reaching a climactic conclusion. If that sounds familiar, it is so because many TV series follow this technique to make their stories more shocking to their audiences.